Welcome to 'English Audiobook Review' !!

Welcome to 'English Audiobook Review' !!

Reading and writing are ok, but speaking is different story...
I guess some of you have the same problem.

I am one of them, but I feel I'm leaving from the status.
Yes, it is because I listen to audiobooks!!

I'm working for a company which has its headquarter in Europe.
Therefore,I should use English for most of the writings and readings, also speaking when I talk to colleagues in the world.

I have difficulty in speaking English, so I prepared fixed phrases etc. for conversations.
Actually I could speak with them sometimes, but most of the times they didn't work..

I tried the 'hearing marathon',but it's difficult to continue listening the same materials.
Took English conversation class, but I still could not speak..

Here comes the 'Audiobook'.
It was the next move.

With audiobooks, you listen to books, so you can continue listening if you choose books you are intersted in.

Someday, I felt less difficulty in speaking English.
Continue listening audiobooks made my speaking skill improved!!
I felt the effect of audiobooks.

Try audiobooks e.g. at commuting time.
Then you can continue it confortablly.

In this blog, I record what I have done and by recording it helps you who have the same problem.
I will update here fantasies, success philosophies books etc.
Reviews in Japanese version updated followed by translated English version of it.

I hope your English skills can be developed by audiobooks..

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