' Rich Dad ,Poor Dad ' -English Audiobook review- [自己啓発 (self dev.)]

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This time I introduce you a famous business, financial self management book
' Rich Dad, Poor Dad '
which is known as '金持ち父さん貧乏父さん' in Japan.
This article is English version of the audiobook review of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' .

//The title of the audiobook//
Rich Dad, Poor Dad

//difficulty level//
Begginer - Intermediate (Levels: beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)
Category Business
Total playing time 3h 5min.

//Where to get the audiobook//
Audible (Now available in iTunes)

//Evaluation and the story//
The first audiobook from category 'Business' which I introduce in this blog is a best seller book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad'.
This audiobook is quite inspiring.
Being an employee is just one way of living, if you want to be free you should not be a slave to the common sense and challenge whatever you think of.

The narrator of this audiobook is Stephen Hoye whose English is American English and his English is very clear and the tempo is very nice.
By choosing him as a narrator,the author Robert.T.Kiyosaki shows his passion for success.

Robert encourages to get out of common sense which is 'the best way to earn money is to work hard. Develop your skills to be a successful employee' .
Phrases that are stick to my mind are like;
'The rich don't work for money', 'getting out of Rat race' , 'learning money work for you' , 'financial literacy'
which we avoid thinking of.

This book is sometimes criticized like 'Why do you stick to money so much? Is money so important?'.
However, actually, it is common that most of the people work so hard but cannot get out of rat race and the things left after his employment life is just a small amount of retirement fee and lack healthcare cost.
Becoming financially free also means getting freedom of life.

The aim of 'Rich Dad,Poor Dad' is to become a wealthy rich.

Not all the things written in this book are applicable to our situation in Japan,but if you feel uneasiness in your life this audiobook is recommended to listen to it once at least.

I will introduce you some more 'Rich Dad' series in this 'English Audiobook Review' blog.
Don't miss it!

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