"The Borrowers" audiobook from audible [ファンタジー (fantasy)]

Have you already seen the movie from GHIBLI?

"The Borrowers" I introduce today is the original fantasy novel of the movie.
Mary Notron, the author, wrote this novel in 1955, so the novel itself has quite long history as a fantasy.

The author is from UK, and the English of the audiobook is British English.

The Borrowers is a series of stories, and the one which is the movie based on is the first book.
To make it short, the series of the story is that as a result of Arrietty's curiosity and friendships with Big People(human being, meaning us), her family is forced to move their home several times from one place to another, making their lives more adventurous than the average borrower would prefer.

The book is of "audible kid's", and the narration by an woman is quite good so that we Japanese can understand the story well.
There are words that are not familiar to us, since it is Childs' fantasy there are words that are used daily but not so familiar to us.
However in total, the story is clear and the narration is clear, I can recommend it to English beginners.
Begginners can enjoy the story by sometimes consulting your dictionaries.

Have fun!

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