The Da Vinci Code 'English Audiobook Review' [小説 (novel)]

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This time I introduce you a smash hit novel,
'The Da Vinci Code' .
This article is English version of the audiobook review of 'The Da Vinci Code' .

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//The title of the audiobook//
The Da Vinci Code (Unabridged)

//difficulty level//
Intermediate or higher (Levels: beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)
17hours 4 min

//Where to get the audiobook//

//Evaluation and the story//
Both the story and the quality of this audiobook is really good, I'm quite sure you will definitely to complete listening it when you start listening.
No music, no many casts, no other decoration , just the narrator perform every casts and languages.

The story itself is greatly interesting,of course, but the most amazing thing is the narration.
The narrator is performed by Paul Michael only by himself, and he plays every casts.
American english, British english, English with french accent, French, Women, men, young old etc..
You can recognize who is talking only from his speaking.
It is almost like watching a movie.

Althoguh the length of the audiobook is 17hours, you will not feel the audiobook is too long.
The whole story is happening within 2 days, so you will feel like watching a live drama.

The story is that a famous symbolist and an cryptography specialist woman reveal the secret of chalice while solving her grandfather's death.
Starting point of the story is the secret of the code which her grandfather left when he died, which is the famous picture of Da Vinci.

You will not have time to take breath, the story goes on and on so rapidly.

This audiobook is one of the most recommended novels of all audiobooks I heard.
You will never regret to listen to this audiobook.

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